What is this moth-eaten theatre?

Moth Orbit Object Theater (MOOT) was formed in 2010 with the purpose of exploring the possibilities of performing objects as actors and to investigate new forms of puppet work. Affirming that anything and everything reveals a secret life, the mission of MOOT is to produce re-affirmations of existence. MOOT composes formulas for addressing and transcending despair, for puppeting oneself into existence entirely. These productions have explored themes of greed (Hungry for Money 2011, What Good Is Money To The Dead? 2012), ephemerality and enlightenment (Where a Crumb of Light does Fall 2012, After Image 2013, The Sleep of Little Lumen 2013), technology and codependency (The Beingstalk 2014), aging and fantasy (Chiquilin de Bachin 2014) and epistemology and communication (The Message is a Mess 2015, Life of Leisure 2016, Manipulations: A Perfect Web 2016).

MOOT is moth-eaten lunatic wisdom, reproducing itself in rejected and reclaimed materials. As these materials are reimagined and reanimated, trash becomes treasure and static materials spirited. A mirror is held up to the existential condition and a solution emerges: it is possible to remain enchanted despite an awareness of the mechanisms in play.

© 2016 MOOT

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